Journal of Statistical Research (JSR)

Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) is the official journal of the Institute of Statistical Research and Training since 1970. Since its inception, it has been an excellent means of transfer and communication of statistical knowledge across the globe, particularly in Asia and Africa. It publishes original research articles relating to methodology and practice of statistics. All papers submitted to JSR go through rigorous review process. The Journal is published twice a year, one in June and the other in December.

Aims and Scope

JSRĀ aims to influence methodological aspects of statistics through the publication of original contributions in the development, improvement, or understanding of statistical theory. It also aims to publish innovative practices that examines new methods and demonstrates their application through motivating examples from real experimental or observational studies. Methodological submissions considered are expected to describe new or improved methods of data analysis with analytical and/or simulation-based validation with a comparison to existing methods, and a discussion on how the proposed method will impact the practice of statistics. Application submissions are expected to investigate interesting research questions that solve important problems in the society. Reviews of, and tutorials on contemporary statistical methods will also be considered.