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About the Journal

Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) is the official journal of the Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. JSR is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal providing a forum for transferring and communicating statistical knowledge across the globe. It publishes original research articles both in the areas of theoretical and applied statistics.

Aims and Scope

JSR aims to influence methodological aspects of statistics through publication of original contributions in the development, improvement, or understanding of statistical theory. Methodological submissions are expected to describe new or improved methods of data analysis with analytical and/or simulation-based validation with a comparison to existing methods, and a discussion on how the proposed method will impact the practice of statistics. It also aims to encourage exciting and innovative applications of advanced statistical methods through publication of challenging innovative practices that examine new methods and demonstrate their application through motivating examples from randomized experiments or observational studies. Submissions are expected to investigate interesting research questions that solve important problems in society. Reviews of and tutorials on contemporary statistical methods will also be considered.

Article submission

Manuscripts should be submitted in pdf format and the LaTex file of the accepted paper needs to be provided. Please submit two copies (PDF) of the manuscript, one with the author’s information and the other without author information to facilitate blind review. Authors are requested to suggest at least two reviewers in the field related to the article.


JSR follows author-year style bibliography (ASA style). Cite references in the text by name and year in parentheses. Some examples:

  • The method was first proposed by David and Sams (1990)
  • The method was extensively reviewed in many studies (Thompson 2005, Robin and Royston 2007)

The list of references should only include works that are cited in the text and that have been published or accepted for publication. Personal communications and unpublished works should only be mentioned in the text. Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last names of the first author of each work.

Tables and Figures
  • All tables are to be numbered using Arabic numerals.
  • Tables should always be cited in text in consecutive numerical order.
  • For each table, please supply a table caption (title) explaining the components of the table.
  • Figures should be high quality (1200 dpi for line art, 600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for colour, at the correct size).
  • Figures should be supplied in one of our preferred file formats: EPS, PS, JPEG, TIFF.
Guideline/Sample Paper/Latex Template

Accepted papers must be submitted as per the style of JSR. For convenience, a template file along with the style file is available for download. Please use this style and template files only.

Download the zip file: jsr-template, which contains the following files:

  • LaTeX file (jsr-template.tex)
  • JSR Style file (jsr.sty)
  • Instructions (readme.txt)
  • A pdf graphics file (test.pdf)
  • JSR .bib file (jsr.bib)
  • ASA LaTeX style file (asa.sty)
  • ASA bibliography style file (asa.bst)
  • Output pdf file (jsr-template.pdf)

Please download all files and put them in the same folder. To download you may right-click the link and then ‘Save Target As’ (if using Internet Explorer, or “Save Link As” if using Mozilla Firefox).

Where to submit
  • Please submit your articles to
  • Please submit two copies (PDF) of the manuscript, one with author information and the other without author information to facilitate blind review.

Peer Review and Ethics

  • JSR is committed to peer-review integrity and upholding the highest standards of review. Once the paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will then be double-blind peer-reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees. The editor may consider the reviewer names suggested by the authors.
  • It is the responsibility of authors to make their manuscripts as anonymous as possible. Submission of a manuscript to this journal implies that its contents constitute original work not previously published and that the manuscript is not being considered elsewhere for publication.
  • Any allegations of plagiarism or self-plagiarism will be investigated by the editors of the journal. Authors should be aware that their papers may be submitted to Crossref similarity check during the peer-review or production process. If the allegations appear to be founded, JSR will contact all authors of the paper and request an explanation of the overlapping material. JSR may ask editorial board members for further evaluation of the paper and allegations. Based on the investigation, the journal will take appropriate actions depending upon the nature and severity of the issue. If a paper is under peer review, it may be returned to the authors with a request that they address the issues through appropriate citation, use of quotation marks to indicate direct quotes, or re-writing the sections. If the similarity between the manuscripts is extensive, it may be rejected. If the paper has already been published online, a correction, retraction, or expression of concern may be published. The authors’ institution may be notified.

Duration of review process and publication

  • 75 days avg. from submission to first decision
  • 130 days avg. from submission to first post-review decision
  • 20 days avg. from acceptance to online publication

Open Access Policy

JSR publishes articles under the creative commons license. All published articles will be free to access online immediately on publication, increasing the visibility, readership, and impact of your research. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number is added for each article.

Copyright and Reprint Policy

  • Responsibility for the contents of an article rests upon the author(s) and not upon the editor or the publisher. Authors who publish in the Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) agree to the following terms that:
    1. Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) retains copyright and grants the Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) the right of first publication of the work.
    2. Articles in Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) are licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0). This license permits Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • As JSR is an open access journal, authors can reprint as much as he/she needs and disseminate their work under the copyright policy of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND License (

Statements and Declarations


Authors should supply details of funding and grant-awarding bodies supporting the research. Any financial interest or benefit that has arisen from the direct applications of the submitted article should also be acknowledged.

Conflict of Interest

Authors must include a competing or conflict of interest statement if any. A conflict of interest exists when an author (or authors) has financial or personal relationships that inappropriately influence his or her actions (also known as competing interests, or competing loyalties). Authors can also do this in conjunction with any acknowledgments and details of funders. If there is no disclosure, JSR will publish the manuscript with  the statement: “The authors report no conflict of interest.”

Data Sharing Policy

Authors are encouraged to share or make open the authentic data, supporting the results or analyses presented in their paper where this does not violate the protection of human subjects or other valid privacy or security concerns.

Publication charges and Reprints

JSR does not charge any publication fees. However, to maintain cost related to publication (online and print), the JSR would be happy if authors voluntarily donate any amount and participate in the development of the journal. For more details about the donation, please contact or As JSR is an open access journal, the author can reprint as much as he/she needs and share with others under copyright policy of creative commons (


Should you have any queries, please drop an email to, or

Updated 28-12-2021