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Vol 42 No 2 (2008)

A biographical sketch of Professor Mir Maswood Ali

Is r^{*} linear in r?

On the linearity truncated bivariate normal distribution

Some characterizations of exponential distribution by record values

Statistical theory for the parameters with student’s t-distribution

E-optimal incomplete block designs for correlated errors

A note on the construction of generalized Tukey-type transformations

A note on Kullback-Leibler discrimination information properties of record values

Extended confluent hypergeomatric series distribution and some of its properties

Diagnostic robust approach of outlier detection in regression

Exact values of expected values, variances and covariances of order statistics from the student’s t distribution

Item failure data of Weibull failure model under Bayesian estimation

Quantile estimation in the two-parameter gamma distribution

Inference on reliability P(X<Y) in truncated arcsine distributions

Stein-rule estimation in ultrastructural model under exact linear restrictions

A gravitational approach to density estimation

Searching Across Markov Equivalent Directed Acyclic Graph Models