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Vol 55 No 1 (2021)

An alternative to the product limit method: the multistate approach

Variable selection for longitudinal survey data

The impact of incomplete data on quantile regression for longitudinal data

Model misspecification under the partially linear single index model

A flexible non-parametric procedure for testing cumulative hazards with applications to oncology studies

A Bayesian semiparametric accelerated failure time cure rate model for censored data

Optimizing DTRs via threshold utility analysis on quality adjusted survival

Probabilistic diffusion magnetic resonance imaging fiber tracking using a directed acyclic graph auto-regressive model for positive definite matrice

A flexible GEV link for zero inflated conway Maxwell Poisson regression with a case study on motor vehicle crashes

A multiple imputation method for nonlinear mixed effects models with missing data

Inference with joint models under misspecified random effects distributions

Clustering gene expression time series data embedded in a nonparametric setup

Analysis of regression discontinuity designs using censored data

Sequential and robust data selection in active learning for classification

COVID-19 prediction in South Africa: Estimating the unascertained cases – the hidden part of the epidemiological iceberg